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Welcome to Concierge Care & Consulting

When you decide to put your health into my hands, it immediately becomes my number one priority. I enjoy serving the San Antonio and surrounding communities.  I’ve been providing superior care to patients for 30 years, and I value the relationships I form with each patient, and believe that goes a long way in improving their health care outcomes.


Give me a call to find out how I can help you today.

Tel: (210) 900-5495


Dr. Anita E. Gould, FNP-BC, Owner
Family Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Anita E. Gould, DNP, MPA-H, APRN, FNP-BC
Yellow Belt Certified (TJC)

Anita was born and raised in Ossining, NY. She is a Christian. She entered the U.S. Army and retired after a total of 30 years of service (10 enlisted, 20 officer) as a Lieutenant Colonel. She received multiple awards and medals in the military, the highest was a Legion of Merit, and she was inducted into the Office of Military Medical Merit.


Dr. Gould, FNP-BC holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice-Healthcare Systems Leadership; Master of Science in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner; Master of Public Administration-Healthcare Service Administration; and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing-Registered Nurse in addition to various certificates and certifications.

While deployed to Iraq, she was part of the HBO documentary Baghdad ER. She completed a one-year fellowship with the Joint Commission (TJC) through the Training with Industry (TWI) Army program. While at TJC she also completed their yellow belt program. She has published an article dealing with High Reliability Organizations in the Uniformed Family Physician magazine and recently co-authored a book dealing with counseling and PTSD in healthcare providers.

Over her 30 year career, she has provided care in a variety of areas including:

  • Family Medicine

  • Wellness Visits

  • Sports Physicals

  • VA Physicals

  • Labor & Delivery

  • Ante/Post-Partum

  • Newborn Nursery

  • Pediatrics

  • Nurse Case Management

  • Medical Surgical

  • Clinical FNP Instructor

  • Flight Nurse

  • Trauma ICU

  • ADN/BSN Instructor (Didactic and Clinical)

  • LPN didactic and Lab Instructor


Enriching the Field

Sharing the Expertise

Dr. Gould, FNP continues to give back to the community by sharing her leadership and medical expertise.   She believes in passing knowledge to the next generation of medical professionals.  She does this in a variety of ways including, speaking engagements, book excerpts, voiceovers for videos, writing scholarly articles and much more. 

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Behind the Rank_As Seen On.jpg
Voiceover done by Dr. Gould, FNP
High Reliability Organzation 101.png
The Uniformed Family Physician.png

The Uniformed Family Physician

High Reliability Organization (HRO) 101

Nicole Powell-Dunford, Anita Gould, Lu Downing, Mark McPherson,

Felicia Pehrson, Joseph Pina and John Smyrski

BMF 2016;353:i2139

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